Do you have the time to listen to me whine about nothing and everything all at once?
I am one of those melodramatic fools, neurotic to the bone, no doubt about it.

Jan 31, 2007

Regina Spektor - Fidelity

Suppose I never ever met you
Suppose we never fell in love
Suppose I never ever let you
Kiss me so sweet
And so so-o-oft

Jan 24, 2007

Si te tomaste la molestia de traducir esto entonces te mereces saber mi secreto:
No puedo avanzar porque aunque no quiera sigo enganchada en eso que nunca podre tener.
Por que te quiero tanto
Por que no puedo dejar de pensar en ti
Quiero que me quieras a mi
Quiero que me beses a mi
Y asi poderte decir: Yo no te quiero a ti, yo no te quiero besar.

Jan 16, 2007


i love my way home... i love sunset between buildings, i love singing like crazy while driving, i love how the sun colors the trees.

Jan 14, 2007

It ain't over til it's over

Is it true? Is Lenny Kravitz singing out of his ass or is it really not over until it's over?
If you saw "The Mexican" with Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts there's a scene that goes like this:
"When two people love each other when do you get to that point where enough is enough?"And that got me thinking of what does that prhase mean... is it that when you're with someone you should take all the crap in the world just in the name of "love" or is it something deeper when you're really commited to someone that should always try to make it work?
It's tricky this thing called "love"... I keep learning about it every day and it keeps amazing me.
Now I wonder how does that work on me? I think I'm the kind of person that always keeps trying and working to make things better... sometimes that works for me, but lately it hasn't. I let myself get driven by my so called intuition and all the signs in the world that led only to one way... however, for some crazy reason (a reson beyond my understanding) it went another way.
So I'm right here, this moment, "wondering" about a song, when actually I'm deciding if I should give it up forever or let this small, very small window open... I hate shutting possibilites for me! I hate it! I always leave enough room to let destiny surprise me... So I guess It's pretty much decided... I'll leave you with the song the inspired all of this ;)

Here we are still together
we are one
so much time wasted
playing games with love
so many tears i've cried
so much pain iside
but baby it ain't over 'til it's over
so many years we've tried
to keep our love alive
but baby it ain't over 'till it's over
how many times
did we give up
but we always worked things out
and all my doubts and fears
kept me wondering
if i'd always be in love

Chick Party

- Invitaciones en forma de carterita
- Cantidad infinita de alcohol combinado de la manera más "cool".
- Cotillón que devuelve a la niñez
- Decoración increíble


Jan 7, 2007

Growing up or Growing old?

Growing... scary word sometimes. This weekend It hit me: we've all grown up (So much). I've never been afraid of change, in fact, I've always looked for it. But I have to admit that in this two days that have passed I felt sad to notice that everything's changed: things aren't simple anymore (not the they ever were) and people is not as connected as before (now the number of interests have increased) is just... different and I missed it the way it was before. It's funny how your past memories can be kept in your heart like the best memories ever when at that time you were probably as sad, deppressed or heartbroken as you are right now. At least that's how my mind works.

Anyhoo... memories..

The summers were longer, they went on forever
Oh and the sky so blue
We never worried about anything
We didn't question the nature of things
We didn't want to know
Talking in whispers and wondering
Oh and I loved you so
Memories, they linger with you but you
soon forget that we started in innocence
Memories, they linger with you but you
soon forget when you're grown
We dream in the night, of mythical days
And nights in white satin
But when the child wakes, the fantasy breaks
We didn't know what the future would bring
We didn't want to knowSomething was growing inside me
Oh and I loved you so
Memories, they linger with you but you
soon forget that we started in innocence
Memories, they linger with you but you
soon forget when you're grown
Photographs, faded photographs
Holidays, summer holidays
First love, broken promises
All a play, I'm going back to yesterday
The feeling was stronger, if went on forever
Oh and your eyes were true
We were so wrapped up in all of our dreams
We didn't care what the future would bring
We didn't want to know
Talking in whispers and wondering
Oh and I loved you so......
Memories, they linger with you but you
soon forget that we started in innocence
Memories, they linger with you but you
soon forget when you're grown

Jan 2, 2007


So this is it: no new year's resolutions for me, so sick of making rules for myself that I never accomplish. This year I'm just gonna go with the flow... I just hope "the flow" goes with me too cause let me tell you something... this past year things didn't go AT ALL as I planned them.

But for one second, or at least for as long as I'm writing this, I'll try to stay away fron the negative and try to think positive.... At least I had a good start (this is the part wher I actually use this website as a journal). I went to my friend Diego's beach house this weekend, there were 5 guys and 2 girls. At one point I was one of the guys, they were actually talking to me about women, asses, tits, farts, burps, vomiting stories and so on... but fortunately I did have one or two moments where I felt like a woman (I'll leave that to the imagination cause it's more fun like that). We drank so much it was actually kinda fun cleaning up the next day; I got a tan (I needed one SOOO much); I danced like crazy, so crazy I thought my hip would fall off!; We made jokes, we made up jokes; we teased each other even to the point where fingers were getting squished; balls were getting hit by newspapers and bellybuttons were... welll... were being photographed with a one dollar bill rolled in (don't ask).

In the end I had a very good time, I tried not to think about the things that get me really sad (some may call that "escaping from things" but I just call it being really sensible).

As you probably noticed I loved postsecret's blog. Every sunday they post new secrets and this one caught my attention... It make look kinda dark or depressing but I think is just "simple" and that's what I like about it. I would be kinda hard to explain (here) the connection between this and my new year story... but they are indeed connected in so many ways it makes kinda scary but at the same time challenging. It's not that I am not myself, it's the opposite actually: I get too tired of being myself sometimes that I wish I had more strength to handle it better. But, now that I think about it (and I'm gonna quote a very interesting movie "I heart Huckabees") "HOW AM I NOT MYSELF?"or in this case WHEN ARE YOU YOURSELF AND WHEN AREN'T YOU?what is "self"? when does it become "yours" or "mine"?. I think (and I'm gonna try to answer my own question here) that the moment you feel "FREE" that's the moment you're being your whole self. But "FREEDOM" is a tricky concept too; people can really mess up that concept really fast... There is one person (it's not the only one but I'm thinking of him right now) with whom I feel totally liberated; I feel PEACE opposite to my crazy life where I'm always running, laughing, crying, driving, making sure everything is ok, everyone is amused... when I'm with him it's just calm... and I think THAT'S EXACTLY THE MOMENT I'M BEING MY TRUE SELF because I don't care about anything I JUST AM... Maybe I'm divagating but I do think it's important to have this auto-psychoanalysis moments cause they help you look at things from a different perspective...

I just got my first set of Tarot cards. I always looked at them at the store but were afraid to buy one... I don't know why (maybe the word is not "afraid" but intimidated). I don't really believe in this stuff (or maybe I do) but I think it will be fun to learn how to read this stuff and finally become a real witch! I'll let you know if it really works out; some people has told me I had "the gift".... now we'll see ;)
Well being 2:20 am and having like 5 hours sleep in two days I'll leave you for now... a little more peaceful, a little happier, a lot less in love...
Good Night my little ones.


Cuántos hay que, cansados de la vida,
enfermos del pesar, muertos de tedio,
hacen reír como el actor suicida,
sin encontrar para su mal remedio!

¡Ay! Cúantas veces al reír se llora,
Nadie en lo alegre de la risa fíe,
porque en los seres que el dolor devora,
el alma gime cuando el rostro ríe.

Si se muere la fe, si huye la calma,
si sólo abrojos nuestra planta pisa,
lanza a la faz la tempestad del alma,
un relámpago triste: la sonrisa.

El carnaval del mundo engaña tanto,
que las vidas son breves mascaradas;
aquí aprendemos a reír con llanto
y también a llorar con carcajadas.